It Gets Better

Dan Savage has initiated a project of people telling their stories under the mantra “It Gets Better”. You can begin to find many of these clips on YouTube here. The clips and comments are intended to encourage and support teens who struggle with their sexuality and those in particular among them who contemplate suicide.


Would that such messages been available in my teens!


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That’s a wrap.

Sending HUGS to all!



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4 responses to “It Gets Better

  1. I watched a few of these the other day, and I feel the same as you. I wish the resources that gay kids have today were around when I was a teen.

    High school is the low-point in so many gay kids’ lives, including my own. Why does something so bad have to happen to us when we are so young and virtually powerless? When I got my diploma I bolted and haven’t looked back. Anything and everything is better than high school and today’s kids need to know that before they give up on life.

  2. I’m glad, I lived at your age, in a country where being Gay was not a problem. Nowadays people in small communities are more open to GLBT people, while in the big cities it’s the other way around. I think it has to do with a younger population [40%] who are brought up with Islamic beliefs, in a christian society.

  3. I agree. If only messages like this were available back then.

    Sadly, high school sucks for lots of kids, straight and gay. Somehow I feel the powers that be want it that way.

  4. That’s wonderful to share such stories. Very inspiring…thanks for sharing.