Tom Goss recently released his official video for “Lover”, one of my favorites of all his work to date. The story line of the video is interesting in light of our current national debate over equal rights to marry and over DADT. It is dedicated to those who serve and to those who have died. For the record, Tom’s lover in the video is not his real husband (whom I’ve met). Tom is a “newlywed” as of October. 🙂 I also understand that the persons portraying the soldiers in the videos are servicemen who were discharged under DADT.



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That’s a wrap.

Sending HUGS to all!



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6 responses to “Lover

  1. I cried, and now I can’t stop.

  2. Doh! I can’t see it from work! It shall have to wait until I get home! 😦

  3. That’s a very moving song and video.

  4. Curtis

    What a powerful and disturbing video. I haven’t cried this much in months.